Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chapter Eight

Even though both Britta and Margo have horrible grades, neither girl seem to be concerned about being two hours late for school. On the flip side, Dot seems to think because she's a straight A student that she can do as she pleases. They'd all be wrong. Get your asses to school!

Given Lolita's level of fame, she gets sent around to clubs a lot to be 'seen' and to order drinks that they name after her. Of course since the town is so small, there's only two clubs, and neither of them are ever packed so she's never exactly 'seen'. But she does it none the less, it gets her out of the house.

One evening, she runs into Ross Cooper-Jenkins, William's father. Lolita knows the Military man through her co-workers, who have been friends with he and his wife since their University years. "Way things are going, we might be family soon enough." She jokes, her strong drink removing what little mouth filter she usually has. "How many grandkids should we ask for?"

"Grandkids?" Ross chuckles. "I'm not ready for that, Bets is pregnant with another of our own."

"Again!?" Lolita swears his wife Betty has spent nearly all of her adult life pregnant. "How many does that make? Three?"


"You need to slow down man."

"I'll slow down when I'm dead." He says with a shrug. The next day, Lolita writes a new song called I'll Slow Down When I'm Dead, it hits number one within a week.

Lolita gets home just in time to see a would be robber kick a cop's ass in the middle of their living room.

Gnomes are slowly taking over the house, Lolita hates them. "Can't we throw those damn things out, I swear they're the reason our cable bill is so damn high."

"I like them." Bernard reasons, so they stay.

It makes sense that Bernard would like them, since he's the one that keeps finding them. The man has been obsessed with finding a rare pink diamond, something about the science center having a project for him that includes the gem. But so far, he's been finding mostly gnomes.

Don't mess anything else up.

Nice hair.

There's another dance, the girls scramble to get dates. Since Dot and William were going steady, it wasn't to difficult to convince to boy to attend. Although, Dot does worry about the possible radiation poison that she could contract from standing under the moon's rays for too long.

Margo asks her friend Alicia Nadir-Barnes to go with her....

While Britta has a much more direct approach in convincing Bradley to attend.

Bernard and Lolita aren't sure if they're ready to have grown kids, Dot and Brttia will be graduating soon and not long after that Margo will follow suit. It seems like just yesterday they were living in a one room shack with nothing to their name.

Bernard gets another tattoo, a series of Simlish words down his rib cage. Somewhere between his last trip to the salon and this, the tattoo artist has gotten old. It makes Bernard aware of his own impending Elder-hood.

Still searching for that damn diamond.

There's a lot of left over metals and gems thanks to Bernard's mining, so Lolita usually likes to transfigure them to see what can be made. Her favorite is a Tiberium skull, which sits in the living room.

Speaking of the living room, Lolita was sent a huge and ridiculous looking television. The girls of course instantly started to play video games on it, the graphics are bitchin' man.

Luna has two puppies before she reaches her old age, allowing her adorable genes to continue to live on in the town once she's gone.

At this point in Lolita's life, she's pretty disenchanted with the whole rock star idea. It's nothing like she thought it would be, and actually very little work, which leaves her with far too much time on her hands.

When Dot takes an interest in design, her parents buy her a drafting table. It's set up on the back porch next to Bernard's inventing bench and sculpting wheel, for the most part they can work perfectly fine side by side. 

But occasionally Bernard makes something that makes him cackle like a mad man, which totally breaks Dot's concentration. Or perhaps it's the fricking robot that her father just brought to life, yeah, it's definitely that.

Pretty soon is't Dot's birthday, her family throws a big party for her at the park. Everyone they know shows up, as well as quite a few people they don't know. Margo makes an ass out herself for everyone to see, by riding the bucking squid monster.

Yay! Cake! 
Hmm, who's the pink person with blue hair? I wonder.

Dot officially becomes an adult.

It's extremely late when the family gets home, so Dot waits until the morning to start looking for work. She loves art and design, so she decides that joining a design school to become an architect/interior designer sounds like a grand idea.

After one quick, and not pictured correspondence course, Dot is officially an architect. Her first job is oddly enough, from William's parents.

Dot's sure they're just being nice to their son's girlfriend, even though she's quite a bit older than him, but takes the job none the less. She soon finds out that Betty's pregnant with her fifth child, and would like a Gym installed for getting back into shape after she gives birth. Dot does as she's asked, and gets a favorable review from the Cooper-Jenkins. Again, she's sure that they're just being nice.

Not even her own house is save from Dot's designing, her childhood room gets quite the extensive makeover. The basement as well gets extended and re-wallpapered, it's only a matter of time before she gets her hands on the rest of the house.

Luckily, Lolita and Bernard don't mind. They think their daughter has exquisite taste.

Dot makes an adorable adult, I'm glad she's heir. I'm now caught up to where I am in game, I didn't want to start up my save again until Sunlit Tides was released, because I wanted to use the new spa venue and wedding arch for Dot's wedding. Anyhow, it took forever to find the damn pink diamond for the simbot. Bernard had gotten the simbot opportunity twice, but I kept rejecting it because they didn't have the money to spend on learning to cut the gems into a heart shape. But eventually I accepted it, because I wasn't making Bernard paint as much, his art selling for insane amounts and it was sort of taking the fun out of it, having the family be wealthy so early on. Of course I didn't take into account when he gave the ten life fruits to the science center that it would give them like 200,000 simoleons. So I used some of it to redesign the kitchen, expand the basement and then buy Lolita an expensive car since I felt bad about her not getting her tour bus and limo. Then I used MC to subtract the rest, because like I said, it's boring for them to be loaded this early on.

The Cooper-Jenkins are like rabbits, they keep breeding! It's crazy, cause they're like 5 days away from elder, and yet they keep having kids. I'm like, dude, you're not going to be around to take care of them! Stap it! Also, I wanted puppies, so I used MC to pollinate Luna with a random dog in town. I had tried to get her to breed with the neighbor's dog, but it wouldn't work for some reason. I dunno, anyhow, her puppies are named Luke and Spot and are fricking adorable!

Generation two's roll is as followed - Couple, Three kids, Architect, Culinary, Property Mogul and Fashion Diva. Obviously William is going to be Dot's husband, he's just like three or four days younger, so he's not aged up yet. Dot's last trait is Hopeless Romantic.

EDIT: Oh yes, I almost forgot. That is Liberty Talliway in the picture of Dot's birthday party. Since she was an imported sim, she was the only one I didn't lose when my Talliway legacy went tits up. I just downloaded her again, she's one of Lolita's co-workers and has three kids with her husband.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chapter Seven

Dot is barely in high school a week and a formal dance is upon them, since the town is so small, the PTA likes to throw a lot of dances and talent shows, in the hopes of keeping the kids on the path of righteous. Whatever the hell that is. Because of this, there's a flurry of hook ups between the teenagers in town, and considering there's only about six at the time of the first formal, it was safe to say it was first come first choose. William Cooper-Jenkins is a little younger than Dot, but he's cute and polite and his mum and dad are best friends with Lolita's co-workers, so it's easy to assume that Dot won't get much flack from them about who she's dating. She decides to ask him to the dance before someone else does, although it's difficult to when his mother keeps eavesdropping on their conversation. Brttia's asked out the next day by Bradley Bird, one of the only other redheads in town besides the Webb girls. He's cute, so Britta can forgive his goofy sounding name.

Lolita finally reaches rock star status, propelling the woman to a level of fame she had never expected. What she had expected was limos and tour buses and fancy cars, instead all she got was a group of pushy people screaming at her for taking to long to scrawl her name on various scraps of paper. It's that moment that Lolita quickly decides, being a rock star sucks.

"Welcome to Deep Space Nine, please enter the docking bay in an orderly fashion."

"Whatever you say kid."

"The alien life forms you seek will arrive shortly, we're just de-sliming them now."

"Watch it kid, or we're gonna sell you to the Duggards." Brttia threatens her younger sister, prompting Margo to go running off screaming DAD! at the top of her lungs. The foursome heads to the formal in a white stretch limo, the girls are glad that Lolita is away giving a concert or seeing the car would have set her off on one of her rants again. Usually about how she gets no respect even though she placed this crappy little island on the map, and how this never would have happened had they stayed in Bridgeport.

With the girls at the dance and Lolita at work, Bernard is left to field Margo's constant string of never ending questions. "Why couldn't I go to the dance too? I like dancing. I'm better at it than stupid Britta, that's for sure."

"Don't call your sister names."

"Why? She is stupid, she picks on me all the time."

"Play nice." Is all Bernard can think to say, he's sort of a lackluster parent.

The girls have a great time at the dance, Bradly and Britta get their picture taken after Dot and William do, so of course the couple trolls by mocking the other couples chosen pose.

Lolita is starting to feel old, she's starting to see wrinkles and life lines. And yesterday she was pretty sure she found a grey hair! Bernard assures her that she's as beautiful as ever.

It takes some convincing before she believes him.

"Listen, if you don't stop calling me frog leg breath, I'm telling dad that I saw you booby-trap that computer."

The girls don't get to continue to argue for long, because next up it's Margo's birthday. Finally, she won't be the baby of the household anymore! Something she's been looking forward to immensely.

Margo becomes a teen.

You know, eventually one of you will have to do the dishes.

Dot found out through various different sources at school, that Britta and Bradley had been caught snogging under the bleachers at the formal. When questioned, Britta gave a shrug and said; yeah. Dot couldn't believe it, she was the older sister, but Britta had gotten her first kiss before Dot did!? That was just crazy to her, and so not acceptable. At the time of the dance, she was so happy that William had been a proper gentleman. He held her hand when they walked through the dark to get to the limo, which helped Dot's cowardly nature. He gave her his tux jacket when she was cold, and even gave her a warm hug goodnight after asking her if she wanted to go steady. But he didn't kiss her! Well, she was going to change that. Since she knew that he worked in town after school, Dot waited around until he got off. He was surprised to see her there, but not in an unhappy way.

Without much fuss or lead up, Dot placed a simple kiss on William's lips. He was shocked, given her cowardly ways, he had always assumed that he would have to be the one to make the move. But after an extremely firm talking to from his military man father the night of the dance, he had pretty much vetoed the 'moves' idea until he and Dot were closer. Seems like she didn't agree.

The two spent the rest of the night at The Bluffs, playing pool and takihng silly pictures in the photobooth. Dot didn't even notice the darkness outside it's walls or the curfew that was quickly creeping up on them, which was rare but nice.

Dot didn't get in trouble for being out late, because Britta had once again stolen the spot light from the quieter girl. Brttia was good at that, she liked to cause trouble but was really bad at not getting caught in the middle of it.

Really bad at not getting caught.

Even as teen, Margo continued to be a homebody, sucking up to their parents. She was well behaved for the most part, sparing with her father and helping her mother clean. To Britta she was a brown noser, to Dot, she was just being nice. The three were polar opposites, so it was safe to say that the house was chaos.

And that's three teens! The house is feeling really packed, I need to expand some more. The lot isn't the biggest, but I've worked with smaller. It's just hard to build decently when there's sims always around because they get in the way constantly. Margo's teen trait is Loves the Outdoors. She and Britta really do argue all the time, but they still have a really high friendship bar. It's like normal sisters I guess, you bicker, but you still love each other. I don't know why Brttia is such a trouble maker, because she doesn't have any of those traits, she's not rebellious or hot headed or anything. She's grumpy, but I've never had that trait in a teen cause them to lash out in such a way.

Lolita reached the top of her career and got fuck all! I was so annoyed. So I spent for-fricking-ever getting her up to a five star celeb. She went to every drink promotion, did every cameo, worked out, made friends with every damn celeb in town. When she finally made it, I was like yes, now I get the cool rock star tour bus? Right? Right!? Wrong! No bus, no personal blue or pink limo, nothing. I'm so annoyed. Especially since one of her co-workers, who's only a fricking lead guitarist has a pink limo! So Lolita's diva attitude toward how she's treated in town, is really just from my annoyance.

In the next update Dot becomes an adult and takes over as heir, wow, this gen went by like really fast.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Chapter Six

When Bernard gets home from the salon, he finds his house has been taken over by a group of loud and rowdy pajama clad children. Turns out he had forgotten that Lolita had told the girls that it was okay to have a sleep over that weekend, but Bernard had expected maybe one or two classmates, not seventeen!

Turns out, two pizza's might not be enough. Meal time was an exercise in futility, most of the kids standing around shouting about not getting to the food first. Five got fed up at left just as it was time to turn in, but the rest had a decent enough time. Bernard makes note to never let that many kids come to a sleep over ever again.

The girls didn't mind that some of their friends left, in fact by the time they woke the next morning everyone was already gone, so they busied themselves playing make believe in the tree house.

That evening it's Lolita and Bernard's birthdays, Loli is first up to the cake.

You know, I've heard stories about women who get older and start menopause experiencing some odd hair growth, but that takes the cake!

Even though by now Lolita's a pop star, she still does all the house work on her own. She sometimes wonder why she doesn't have an army of underlings to do all this for her.

Bernard invents a miner and starts leaving huge holes all over town.

Sometimes he falls down the holes.

A family of Cockatoos take roost on the back path near the Webb house.

Bernard decides to keep one as a pet.

Hey, look. Lookit. Look what I made! Look! I made this for you, because I love you.

Old timey armor helps him drill better.

Dot has a birthday...

And becomes a geeky teen.

"You're going to get pimples now." Margo informs her. "Especially if you eat all that cake."

Dot, stop trying to sell your little sister on Craigslist.

Lolita is asked to go to China, her agent feels like she doesn't reach enough other countries outside of Sim Nation. When she gets there, she instantly forgets what she was suppose to be doing, so instead she spends the week entering tombs and stealing shit.

She quickly decides the next trip she goes on, is going to be to Cabo.

Oh good, a sign post in case she gets lost. Too bad she can't read Sim Mandarin. If she did, she'd know it says 'turn back now, only doom and no washrooms await you down those stairs'.

Oh, sparkly!

Lolita is exhausted by the time she gets to the center of the stupid maze like tomb she was sent into, she eyes the ax on the wall warily. "You look heavy, I don't do heavy."

"Ugh, yeah, totally heavy!"

Lolita gets serious tied of dive wells, she's spent most of the trip soggy and keeps belly flopping into them.

So she takes out some of her aggression, by beating up an old lady in her own house. Nice one Loli.

Back home, Bernard paints topless. He doesn't realize that the sound of Margo running away screaming in terror is because of his new tattoo.

Hmm, what a lovely scenic place... to cause unwanted destruction.

Britta's a dinosaur! You better watch it Woolies, she's eat you up for lunch.

What the hell!? Bernard, I can't leave you alone for five minutes.
"Gnomes, everywhere, gnomes. Biting and evil, like some twisted and crappy 80's Wes Craven film." He pants out before running home.

Bernard rushes home to shower and change after his run in with the nightmare gnomes, because it's Britta's birthday and he can't miss it.

Although he'd really like everyone to hurry up and get to the eating part, he's literally dying here.

Britta becomes a teen and is already planing her years of Donna Noble cosplay.

That's two teens, now all I need is Margo to age up. I think Dot's going to be heir, it was hard to choose between the two because they're both pretty but Dot's traits are more amusing to me, so she won out. 

Lolita went to China for a work opportunity but the second she got there it dropped from her queue, which happens to me all the time and is really annoying. So I figured, instead of sending her home and wasting all that money, she might as well explore a little. I didn't sell anything she found, and she didn't make any money, so I don't consider it cheating. All the money bags she found are in their newly made basement in a chest, uncashed until I roll an adventurer. If I don't, well at this point they're doing okay so it's not like they need it.

Dot's teen trait is Artistic and Brttia's is Perfectionist.